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Industrial – Heavy Duty – Hardware
Blocks, Sheets, Discs, Fenders, Bumpers, Anti Vibration Pads, Grommets, Chair Tips, etc.

We manufacture and stock a variety of heavy-duty moulded parts in various sheet, block and disc forms. These can be widely used for buffers, bumpers, mounts, spacers, etc. Some stock items have predrilled holes & recessed and are ready for mounting applications. They are suitable for the engineer or tradesperson to cut, drill or shape to size to suit any number of situations and applications that may be required.


Heavy Duty Molded Docking Fenders  & Wheel Chocks

Our Moulded Fenders and Buffers are Heavy Duty and moulded with recessed holes ready to mount to loading docks, carports walls, trucks, head boards, cargo loaders, trolleys, any situation where impact protection may be required.

Download the Molded catalogue

Download the Wheel Chock & Cable Protector catalogue

Anti Vibration Sheets – Crossed Ribbed Design

Anti-vibration pads will reduce machinery vibration, noise and shock to a minimum. Available in Standard size sheet 450mm x 450mm x 8mm
Suitable for: Lathes, Milling Machines, Gear Cutting Machines, Grinders of all types, Guillotines, Shearing Machines, Power Presses, Brake Presses and Punch Machines, Bandsaws, Cut off Machines, Routing & Riveting Machines, Linishing Machines. Air Conditioning Units – Domestic and Commercial, Generators, Electrical Transformers, Electric Motors, Air Compressors, Food Processing and Packing Machines.

Download the Anti-Vibration Sheets catalogue


Block Sheet – Die Block & Discs
Standard Block Sheeting is available – Ex stock in the following sizes.
310 x 310 x 25mm  – Imperial (12” x 12” x 1”)
310 x 310 x 38mm  – imperial ( 12” x 12” x 1 1/2”)
310 x 310 x 50mm  – Imperial (12” x 12” x 2”)

Hardware  Products
Grommets, Doorstops, Chair Tips, Plugs, Buffers & Bumpers, etc.

We manufacture and stock a wide range of small components such as blanking grommets, buffers, doorstops, chair tips, end caps, buffer grommets, plugs etc.


Custom Moulded Products

When commercial quantities are required for a new product we also facilitate custom moulding to meet the customer’s specifications and provide design, technical and product development assistance.


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